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Google Opens Beta For eSignature And Gmail ‘Email Layouts v2’

eSignature comes to Google Docs and Drive for individual Workspace users. Discover how businesses and enterprises can apply for beta testing.

  • eSignature in Google Docs will enable users to request and add signatures directly within the platform.
  • This feature aims to help small businesses and individuals streamline the signing process for contracts and agreements.
  • Planned enhancements to eSignature include audit trails, multi-signer capabilities, non-Gmail user support, and PDF signature initiation.

Google has announced the next testing phase of new features for Google Workspace users.

Having commenced alpha testing, Google expanded the availability of eSignature to provide a more seamless signing experience for individual Google Workspace subscribers.

Google also invited additional Google Workspace users to apply for early access to eSignature in Google Docs and Drive and “Email Layouts v2” for Gmail.

Google Expands eSignature Availability

Positive feedback and constructive insights have prompted Google to expand eSignature, which should roll out to individual Google Workspace subscribers over the next two weeks.

eSignature is designed to assist small business owners and individuals who often struggle with managing contracts, customer agreements, and other legally binding documents.

Integrating with Google Docs and Google Drive will allow users to request and add signatures to official contracts directly within the platform.

Screenshot from Google, August 2023

It streamlines processes for requesting signatures, viewing the status of pending requests, and finding completed contracts.

For the recipient, signing a document within an official Google Drive eliminates the need to switch apps or tabs. A more straightforward process could decrease the time it takes to complete a contract.

Early Access Application For eSignature & Customizable “Email Layouts v2” In Gmail

Select Google Workspace business, education, enterprise, and non-profit customers can apply for early access to eSignature.

Also mentioned on the application is a test product for “Email Layouts v2” in Gmail that allows users to “…create, edit and customize email layouts in Gmail.”

Both features could improve contract management for Workspace users, from sending a contract by email with a customized layout to acquiring the signature from a client within Gmail.

Screenshot from Google, August 2023

Upcoming Plans For Workspace Test Products

Google has plans to enhance eSignature capabilities later in the year with features including a contract audit trail, the ability to request multiple signatures, support for signatures from non-Gmail users, and eSignature on PDF files stored in Drive.

For Workspace users with contracts and agreements, the new eSignature capabilities in Google Docs and Drive, plus customizable email layouts, could significantly simplify the process of acquiring signatures.

Featured image: Tada Images/Shutterstock

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Google Opens Beta For eSignature And Gmail ‘Email Layouts v2’

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