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Google Opening Up Trademarked Keyword Bidding on June 4th

Google plans to open up trademarked keywords to AdWords advertisers in June according to Michael Orey of Business Week. Beginning June 4th, companies will be able to bid on the brand names of their competition, which will heat up the AdWords listings throughout Google and lead to head to head battles in the SERPs over branded product, service and company names.

Google has also released a list of the countries and regions where they will not investigate the use of trademarked keywords.

Starting June 4, marketers in about 200 countries will be allowed to purchase rival trademarks as keywords to trigger display of “sponsored search” ads on Google. Honda, for instance, could bid to have one of its ads displayed when a consumer searches the term “Toyota.” In recent years some companies have sued Google or the competing company, saying the practice is a form of trademark infringement.

The decision to implement the strategy more widely suggests that Google is confident it is operating on sound legal footing.

All gloves are off come June 4th … how will you prepare for the battle royal over trademarked terms in Google?

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Google Opening Up Trademarked Keyword Bidding on June 4th

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