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Google Expands One Line SiteLinks : Little Blue Links in SERPS

Over the weekend I noticed more and more Google search results with little blue links between the page descriptions and the target URL in Google search (which Barry dubbed One Line Sitelinks).

The little blue Google links point directly to internal pages on the sites which show relevant results to the search queries and remind me of the Yahoo extra links which are shown for Yahoo feed advertisers. If you look at the examples below you’ll see that some sites have better links than others.

My first guess is that this is part of the Google Sitelinks program, and we could see a transition from the bulky Sitelinks results to these links which are more streamlined and pleasing to the end user.

Surely these links also attract user interest in the Google results and sites which do have these internal Google links may have a competitive advantage over other sites listed in Google search, whether or not they are ranked above or below one another.

Are you seeing these little Google Blue Sitelinks for your sites in Google and if so, are you noticing a jump in organic search traffic?

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Google Expands One Line SiteLinks : Little Blue Links in SERPS

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