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Google On Why Helpful Content Update Seems Quiet

Google responds to feedback regarding the impact of the helpful content update, reminding publishers that it's a continuing effort.

Google addresses reports that the helpful content update has a minimal impact on search results, reminding everyone it’s still rolling out.

After one week into the launch of the helpful content update, there’s a growing consensus that it’s not producing any major changes.

Reports that the update is quiet caught the attention of Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, who addresses the situation in a series of tweets.

In short, Sullivan reiterates a point made last week about the update being part of a continuing effort and says rankings should be fine for websites publishing good content.

For his full response, continue reading the sections below.

Helpful Content Update A Continuing Effort

The impact of Google’s helpful content update may appear minimal because the intent is to refine the signal over time.

Sullivan explains:

“Update isn’t done. It’s also part of a continuing effort, as we’ve explained. We’ll keep refining how it works. Directionally, the guidance we’ve given is what SEOs and creators should be considering.”

His response continues into a multi-part thread, where he goes on to say updates don’t always mean huge changes.

Further, Sullivan suggests those who are negatively impacted by the update may be less likely to share their feedback.

“But updates don’t necessarily mean a big giant shift. If you have good content, you’re generally fine…

Those who have content with issues, there can be reasons why they might not want to be particularly vocal about a change…”

Although Sullivan downplays the idea that the helpful content update will create a giant shift in search results, it’s still something SEOs and publishers should pay attention to.

“With this helpful content update, as I said before, it’s part of a continuing effort. Directionally, it’s what SEOs and creators should pay attention to. We’ll continue to tune it, refine it. It matters, which is why we’ve spent so much time talking about it.”

Google’s helpful content update should finish rolling out next week, but that won’t be the last time we hear about it.

The helpful content update isn’t like Google’s core updates because it will be refined with a major launch every few months.

Sullivan says “incremental improvements” will likely become part of Google’s “ordinary operation.” That’s the meaning of a continu.

We’ll continue to monitor and report on notable developments regarding Google’s helpful content update.

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Google On Why Helpful Content Update Seems Quiet

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