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Google Offers One-Click Website Translation Tool

Have you ever wanted to have a blog in Italian but could not do it because you don’t know the language? Well, now you can using Google’s one-click website translation tool. And mind, this is different from Google Translate because you are not translation just one page of your website but the whole websitecontent.


Pretty cool, right? Google’s website translation tool works like Google Translate so you can pretty much translate your website or blog into any language of your choice provided it is covered by Google Translate. There are actually 51 languages available in Google Translate.

To have this one-click website translation tool, you simply need to paste a snippet of codes to your website’s code and the next thing you’d know a browser toolbar will display giving you the options for translating your website or blog.  The code is available at the Google Translate page.

Once you have the toolbar, your site visitors using other languages than the language your site use can easily translate your site into their own languages. If your visitor want to revert back back to the original language of your site, they can easily do so with just a click of the mouse.

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Google Offers One-Click Website Translation Tool

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