Google is Now Showing Large Embedded Videos in Search Results

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Next time you do a search for video content, instead of the YouTube results you’re used to seeing you may get a large embedded video that’s playable within the search engine results page. Check out the photo above to see how it looks like.

The new feature is live right now and this type of result can be repeated for just about any song of your choice, as I did multiple searches for popular songs and they all returned the same kind of embedded video.

This new feature seems to only work with songs though, at least at this point. I did some tests by searching for other video content like movie trailers, clips from popular YouTubers etc. and none of them returned a large embedded video like you see above.

It will be fascinating to see how this new feature develops. As Google shifts towards highlighting video content in a big way (literally), optimizing for video search and creating more video content may become more important than ever. Or maybe it will never evolve beyond helping users find their favorite songs more quickly.

We’ll have to wait and see, but you’ve got to love Google always adding something new to keep us on our toes!

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

Lead News Writer
Matt Southern is the lead news writer at Search Engine Journal. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.
Matt Southern
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  • LarryEngel

    That’s just plain silly. If I wanted to search for Macklemore’s video, I would have performed a Google “Video” search… or better yet, I could have just searched directly on YouTube for it!

    • Muhammad Azharuddin

      You are right Larry, however, it will effect lot of youtube traffic when it plays on google search results itself. You have any idea how much percentage of queries it shows this way?

    • soman

      yep. i would like to know who suggested/approved this change?

    • Norm

      That’s because you know what you are doing. I still see people putting url’s in their search bar. I see people who search on “my gmail account”, “free hotmail account”, “itunes account login”, and more, click on a broad match PPC ad for an accountant. Even I, knowing full well there is a video search, still put “video” in my search string for a web search when I want to see a video, and I am in search industry for heck sake. Sure, you and 2% of everyone else knows how to search, but Google still has to figure out exactly what the heck the rest of us 98%’ers are looking for! 😉

  • Grant Barnard

    Interesting. Almost along the lines of the answers to questions into the search bar, like “whats 5 minus 6” or “who is the president of the United States”. I don’t think you’d see it on any search or topic that has more than one answer or opinion.

    • Muhammad Azharuddin

      True grant, this comes from Google’s knowledge graph, Google grows it’s knowledge graph by using well known facts around the world.

  • bialkoserwatkowesklep

    hmm… Google always adds something new to keep us on our toes…. 🙂

  • Preeti Kaur

    Hmmm. Interesting. I admire Google for adding new things and as you said it has become all the more important to add video content to the website. So 2014 means more social signals and bigger multimedia presence

    • Muhammad Azharuddin

      Hi Preeti,

      This update is a part of Google’s regular updates to improve the user experience on Google search results page. And i don’t think so, that this year 2014 would be special for Social, since recently Mattcutts clearly stated that Facebook and Twitter doesn’t impact Google rankings and will be treated as normal web pages they crawl around the web.

      • Grant Barnard

        Yes, you are right about social in 2014. I dont see it being the holy grail to serps by any means. Being that FB actually blocked G from crawling pages is huge. FB believes that they can use their platform as a sort of focus group for new commercials and products. Then, of course, sell that info to companies. Therefore they don’t want G to step on their toes with that.

        That being said though. G can always see how much traffic you are receiving from social platforms. They may also check to see if you are unnaturally rising in followers on twitter and FB(at least right now). However I always take anything from G with a grain of salt. They didn’t get where they are without using a bit of misinformation.

  • WindySeo

    I think people searching for a particular video then they would directly see from here, no need to go on youtube and so we can say it is useful, But if people wants to search videos, they would surely search on Youtube only rather then on google.

  • nadeem

    This update will push all the other results so you can’t see them like before.

  • Modestos Siotos

    Actually this is nothing more than just a super-sized thumbnail and not a true video embed.

    It’s not playable directly from the SERPs and if you click the play button it just takes you to You Tube so you can then watch video.

    Interestingly, on a standard laptop the user gets just PPC ads and the pseudo video embed above the fold. All other organic results are pushed further down so Wikipedia, Vimeo etc get no traffic.

  • Eswar

    Interesting. Almost along the lines of the answers to questions

  • Chatmeter

    This is very interesting! This feature could have a lot of potential if Google made it so the search wasn’t just for popular songs on YouTube. If every video on YouTube could be showed on the results page, business owners could benefit greatly. A lot of businesses are now on YouTube and they’re taking advantage of implementing local SEO with the video sharing site ( This extra feature could help them out even more! Can’t wait to see how Google develops this.

  • katalogtasarim

    google will always try to make users search easy n simple.

  • Andy Videovantage

    I’m noticing a few changes with Youtube recently. All the for the better to be honest which is how it should be. Nothing worse than one of your favourite social / media platforms changes something and it goes backover. Youtube is the place to be for video so it’s important that they get every step right.

  • katalogtasarim

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