Google Now Controls 69% of Online Advertising Market

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Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick has turned the company into double the online advertising juggernaut that it once was, with a total advertising market share of 69% according to Attributor’s study.

Google enjoys a 35% share of advertising to unique users while DoubleClick enters the Googleplex with its own 34%. Combined, the two forces serve advertising to just about 2.2 billion unique users (that’s one third of the world’s population … if we counted all of those users as unique people).

More information from the study:

  1. DoubleClick and Google dominate overall market share capturing 35% and 34% of unique users, respectively.
  2. DoubleClick owns the head and Google owns the tail. For sites with over 1MM monthly unique users, Doubleclick has a 48% share, a 3x advantage over 2nd place Yahoo. For sites with less than 100k monthly unique users, Google has an 8x share advantage over 2nd place MSN.
  3. Professionally produced content is widely proliferated across highly trafficked, commercial sites, representing an untapped opportunity for publishers to increase their revenue through content licensing, ad revenue share or link-building.

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Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • SearcH◆ EngineS WEB

    As concerns for online privacy increase, it will be interesting to see how Google resolves that with their increasing dependency on getting more analytical information to serve appropriate ads.

  • Nivash Kumar

    Looking at the urchin.js java script from Google I was astounded and it reads users so well that google targets really relevant ads to its users.

  • WebSite Design Orange County

    That is a LOT of personal information being held in one place.

  • Jacques – Web Design

    The juggernaut that is Google is gobbling up everything in its path…how long before we start getting anti-trust lawsuits for uncompetitive behaviour? The privacy concerns being raised yet again also is an area of concern.

  • ineedhits Australia

    Wow, 69%, I never thought it was that high. Lets just hope they dont abuse that commanding position

  • jack

    This is amazing. Lets just hope that their “Don’t be Evil” code of conduct holds up!

  • Darren McCoy

    Google is obviously taking control of every popular culter icon in the internet space – this is worse than a goverment because the people cannot do anything about it because its driven by thier own moneys.

  • MaddyLane

    I have had Google adds on my site for the last two years with barely any revenues! My site is an informative decor content site, even Martha Stewart’s company places Google adds on my site. I get a lot of traffic, and over 200 pages…and yet not much revenue from how does one make money with Google is my question!

  • Jack Weinzierl

    I watched a story that covered some of the privacy issues on Google search on CNBC tonight. As a local business owner, the shift to geo-targeted search is empowering and allows the local business owner to compete on a very targeted level with accountability and tracking vs. print. Google controlling that much of the market is a little concerning, but I am still a big fan.

  • John Ashton

    Hey cool, this site uses Google Analytics.

  • guangwei

    Google is great!

  • guangwei

    Google is great!