Google News, New Language – New Problems

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Google News, New Language – New Problems

Three weeks ago, when Google officially launched it’s Google Israel branched, they announced that they will take up to 18 months to translate their services into Hebrew, and that an R&D center was not likely to open up. Both predictions now appear to be wrong.

Google News in Hebrew was introduced this morning carrying news from roughly one hundred news sources include the giants, of course, such as Haaretz, Ynet (Yedioth Ahronoth), NRG (Maariv) and the like, as well as niche sites such as, the site for car aficionados and the news magazine of the Weizmann Institute.

But what is a Google launch without some controversy? Many sites were caught offguard by this move and have not yet responded, some have mentioned that they plan on sueing Google for copyright infringement and others predicted that the site will sooner or later die and, therefore, did not react (yet).

Google, on their side, announced prior to the launch that any publisher that would not like to participate in any of their future services will be removed.

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    Nice to know that Google is looking after languages other than English.

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