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Google News Launches New Widget : NewsShow Wizard

Today seems like Google News Day, literally! The company has launched a new tool which lets publishers create and embed targeted Google News stories on their websites. The new tool is called NewsShow Wizard and it lets publishers pick search terms (which Google is dubbing “search expressions”) and search topic (sports, health ..etc.) and some design modifications to the widget.

Google then gives the publisher some embeddable code which kind of resembles Google AdSense ads, with the design options of 728×90 leaderboards or 300×250 large rectangles.

Here it is in action :

For me, this new tool is important for two reasons :

  • One because it expands the reach of Google News and makes getting indexed in Google News more important.
  • Secondly the widgetization of Google is a stepping stone to the expansion of their social connection and publisher relations. With YouTube embeds, Google Map embeds and other widgets comeing from Google, adoption of AdSense & Google Friend Connect by publsihers will grow as will the ability to view Google friends who have visited other sites in a StumbleUpon and Facebook type setting. Widget adoption by publishers in my opinion is the most important part of making this happen.
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Google News Launches New Widget : NewsShow Wizard

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