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Google News Goes to Facebook

Before you see Adsense in Facebook application sometime soon, you might as well like to enjoy first Google News as a new Facebook application was created to make it possible for you and your friends to share Google News feeds within your Facebook profiles. 

The Google News Application for Facebook was officially announced last Friday, and already there were around 2,300 active users. Like any other Facebook applications, this application lets Faceboook users to aggregate Google news feeds into their Facebook profiles. Users can limit the Google news feeds into a particular topic that would be most useful to them and to their network of friends. 


“This experimental application enables users to create custom sections or select from a set of pre-defined topics, then browse and share stories with their friends on Facebook,” says Tina Huang and Dan Meredith of Google News Blog

Actually the Facebook application looks pretty neat. It sits right into the list of your Facebook applications and when you and your friends click into a news link, it brings your directly into the news source instead of bringing you to the Google news site. It would have been neater if you could add the Google news feeds into your main profile page as well.

So, which Google property would come in to Facebook next? or is this the start of a possible Facebook buyout by Google?

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Google News Goes to Facebook

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