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Google Nearly Doubles Image Size Requirement for AMPs

Google Nearly Doubles Image Size Requirement for AMPs

According to a change in Google’s article guidelines for accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), images should now be almost twice the width they were recommended to be previously.

Google has increased the image width recommendation from 696 pixels to 1200 pixels. In addition, images should contain a minimum of 800k total pixels and be presented in aspect ratios of 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1.

Beyond that there are no further changes to note. Here’s a look at the new guidelines in their entirety:

Google Nearly Doubles Image Size Requirement for AMPs

It’s important to mention that these guidelines refer specifically to the minimum recommendations needed to have an article featured in the AMP carousel.

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Without these guidelines in place it means an article is less likely to be featured in the top stories carousel at the beginning of search results. It does not necessarily mean the AMP will not be indexed at all.


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