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Google My Business May Offer Premium Features for a Monthly Fee

Google is sending out surveys to gauge peoples’ interest in paying for access to premium Google My Business features.

Sean Butcher was first to see the survey and alert others about it on Twitter:

The full survey can be accessed here. It takes a little while to complete so give yourself some time if you plan to go through it.

The survey starts by asking some qualifying questions to learn how much money your business typically spends on advertising per year.

Part-way through, the survey introduces you to possible new Google My Business features that the company is considering rolling out as premium offerings.

All remaining questions in the survey relate to these features, as it asks users to select what they’re most and least interested in.

New features listed in the survey include:

  • Google customer support
  • “Book” button on your business profile
  • Promote your “Book” button
  • Verified reviews
  • Promoted map pin
  • Call reports and recordings
  • Verified bookings
  • Automated message responses
  • Automated response for reviews
  • Google search results placement
  • Get leads from competitor profiles
  • Background check
  • Instant quote
  • Request quote
  • Offers
  • Featured review
  • Google Guarantee
  • Remove ads from your business profile
  • Verified licenses
  • Video on your business profile

After selecting what you’re most and least interested in, Google’s survey takes your favorites and creates mock-ups of subscription packages.

The survey asks you to select which package you would most prefer.

After selecting your favorite package, Google’s survey then displays what each package would cost per month.

The rest of the survey is a repetitive series of questions asking which packages you like and what you’d pay for them.

Google seems to be seriously considering offering premium GMB features in the form of subscription bundles.

With this survey, Google is gathering information on what features users are willing to buy, and how much they’re willing to pay for them each month.

Will this idea ever see the light of day? I would imagine it all depends on the survey responses.

So if you feel strongly either way about premium GMB features, let Google know by filling out the survey.

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Google My Business May Offer Premium Features for a Monthly Fee

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