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Google My Business Changes to Insights & Video Uploads

Google My Business is updating performance reports with search results data. Another recent update sees GMB reducing the size of video uploads.

Google My Business is giving business owners more data to work with in a series of updates to performance reports.

The most important of these updates is the ability to see how many times a business profile was surfaced in search results.

In an unrelated, but also recent, update Google is reducing the maximum size of videos uploaded to GMB.

Catch up with all the latest Google My Business changes below.

Changes to Google My Business Insights Data

Business profile performance reporting is becoming more detailed and more accessible.

New metrics are being added, and it will be easier for business owners to view data directly from their profile.

First, Google is adding insights into interactions. This data will let business owners know how often people have contacted them after visiting their GMB profile.

Over the next few months more metrics will be added, including detailed reports about searches and the number of people who saw a business profile in search results.

Data on Google Maps searches will also be made available in performance reporting in the coming months.

The data being added has never before appeared on the Google My Business Insights page.

As local marketers can attest, a Google My Business profile can be as effective at attracting customers as a website. Sometimes even more important.

Having fast access to important search results metrics can help marketers make GMB profiles even more impactful.

Data will be available for up to 6 months. Business owners will be able to review their performance by selecting custom time frames and comparing data.

Interaction metrics will be updated daily and other metrics will be updated monthly.

How to Review Your Google My Business Performance Report

To review the new metrics from your business profile, go to the performance reporting section by following the steps bellow:

  • Make sure you’re signed in with the account you used to sign up for Google My Business.
  • To find your Business Profile, search on Google for your exact business name.
  • If needed, select View profile to manage your Business Profile.
  • Select Promote and then Performance.
  • At the top of the page, select a date range for your report and click Apply.

If you have a single business, you can also download insights at

Changes to Video Uploads

Another notable change marketers should be aware of is a reduction in the maximum size of videos uploaded to Google My Business.

The maximum file size of videos uploaded to Google My Business is now 75MB, which is down from 100MB.

This change was confirmed by Google to Joy Hawkins:

The change to the file size is also noted in an update to this Google My Business help page.

Users are reporting having trouble uploading images as well, particularly product images, but there are no confirmed changes there.

Google did not provide an explanation for reducing the file size of video uploads.

Source: Google My Business Help

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Google My Business Changes to Insights & Video Uploads

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