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Google MP3 Player Powered by GMail

Google MP3 Player Powered by GMail

Google evidently has an MP3 Player which publishers can use on their sites that was discovered by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration. Amit was looking around GMail today and came across the player, which plays MP3 files via the GMail interface, “without having to download the MP3 or open an external media player.”

More from Amit:

When you receive an audio file as an email attachment, click the play button and Google will play the audio file for you in a popup window.

Now digging into the GMail Mp3 player code, I discovered that it’s actually the Google video player that’s playing the audio file. Infact, you can play any MP3 files from the embedded Google Video player without even having to login to GMail. Here’s the secret URL :

Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped takes Google MP3 Player one step further with an example of the Google MP3 player embedded on a website via iFrame:

I’ve included a link to a podcast using Google’s MP3 wrapper in a simple Iframe… and now you have streaming capabilities and a Google Video-like interface with a progress bar and sound adjustments.

Check out Philipp’s working example with MP3 file replacement capability at Google Blogoscoped.

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Google MP3 Player Powered by GMail

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