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Google Movie Search For Movie Goers

Google Movie Search For Movie Goers

After recently releasing video search, which let users search for their favorite television shows, Google now has a new service for fans of movies. Google launched their Movie Showtime Search on Wednesday on their search engine. In addition, the search results are also available through Short Messaging Service (SMS) on personal computers or mobile phones and other wireless devices.

In addition to letting users search for Movie Showtimes on the Internet, it enables user to get relevant information like theater locations and reviews. Users can search for their favorite movies by title, plot, or genre.

There is no direct competition to this service from Google at the moment. Though competitors like MSN and Yahoo! have independent Movie Sections, which provide similar information in a generic way. However, getting movie showtimes while searching for it is something that might appeal to todays youth. A search for the recently released movie The Aviator showed relevant information in the form of showtimes at halls in Redmond, WA.

This information of course is combined with other Google services like Google News and Google Maps. Of course, the service would prove to be extremely beneficial to users on the move who can just send an SMS to Google and get information about showtimes of movies. Yahoo! also let users with mobile phones access their movie section and get relevant information.

Sushubh Mittal is the Editor of TechWhack and the Tech Columnist and Resident Movie Fanatic at the Search Engine Journal

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Google Movie Search For Movie Goers

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