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Google to Strengthen its Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

Google to Strengthen its Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

Who could forget about Mobilegeddon of 2015. April 21st was the date when Google officially integrated mobile-friendliness into its ranking signal. Today, the company announced its mobile-friendly ranking signal is about to get stronger.

Beginning in May an update will be rolled out to Google Search which increases the effects of the mobile-friendly ranking signal. The goal is to “help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly”.

Anecdotally speaking, when searching on a mobile device it’s not uncommon to see non-mobile friendly sites show up on the front page. Perhaps with May’s update searchers will find fewer pages in search that are not optimized for a mobile device.

If your site is already mobile-friendly, Google says you will not be impacted by the pending update. The company reminds that the intent of a search query is still a strong ranking signal. Pages with high quality content may still show up in mobile searches if they’re the most relevant to the query.


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