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Google Mobile AdWords Launching

Google Mobile AdWords Launching

Barry Schwartz at SEW reports on Google launching mobile ads in the US, UK and Germany (this was previously tested in Japan.):

The ads are being tested in U.S., U.K. and in Germany and are priced similar to how normal AdWords ads are priced, based on auction. Google has a whole help section for Mobile Ads here. It explains what the ads look like; “Mobile ads contain two lines of text, with a limit of 12 or 18 characters per line, depending on the language in which you write your ad. Your destination URL appears on a third line if you choose to enter one.

Google has applied a for a PPCall mobile patent but this doesn’t seem to be tied into that. There’s more information here.

Given the consumer appetite for local information in a mobile environment, this will be valuable inventory for geotargeting advertisers.

Greg Sterling is the founding principal of Sterling Market Intelligence, a consulting and research firm focused on online consumer and advertiser behavior and the relationship between the Internet and traditional media, with an emphasis on the local marketplace.

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Google Mobile AdWords Launching

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