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Google Mobile AdWords Goes Widespread : Free Clicks for One Month

Google Mobile AdWords Goes Widespread : Free Clicks for One Month

Google AdWords has been testing sponsored search ads on mobile for a good while now, but the company is starting to make a major push to get more advetisers interested in Google AdWords for the Mobile, with free clicks until November 18th.

Google has set up an Adwords support page for advertisers with questions on the program, including where and how ads will run on mobile devices, along with the question of how a landing page will be served. Seems that for those advertisers who do not have mobile friendly landing pages, Google will not be serving mobile AdWords:

Your text ads for mobile may not appear on Google Mobile Search pages for reasons related to your landing page, mobile traffic to your product, or ad rank.

Only text ads with landing pages that can be suitably adapted for mobile phones will be displayed. Your adapted landing pages will have the same headline and display URL as your desktop landing pages, but will be different in that they won’t display the description. This way, users will get an at-a-glance view at your site while they’re on the go and away from their computers.

To see what your landing page looks like on mobile phones, visit and type in your URL in the blank field. Click ‘Go’ to finish and see the result.

Adwords advertisers are also welcome to opt-out of the Google Mobile Adwords program.

You can opt out your eligible search ads from running on Google Mobile Search pages at any time. On the Campaign Summary page, select the link that says ‘View performance data for these ads’ from within the alert message or below the table that contains your campaigns. On the bottom of the page that reads “Performance Data: Search Ads on Google Mobile Search,” click on the link that says ‘Yes, opt me out’ to stop running your search ads.

Google also sent this email out to its AdWords advertisers (thanks Greg):

We are happy to announce a new feature that will allow you to
easily reach additional qualified customers who are searching
Google from their mobile phones.

In the next few days, your search ads will be eligible to run on
Google Mobile Search pages (like they currently do on
We are offering this feature – and any resulting clicks – for
free through November 18, so you can experiment with the rapidly
growing mobile platform while still reaching qualified customers.

Each ad’s eligibility will be determined by its landing page and
only ads with landing pages that can be adapted for viewing on
mobile browsers will be shown. You can monitor each ad’s
performance via a special performance tracking page within your
account called “Performance Data: Search Ads on Google Mobile

Again, you will not be charged for clicks on these ads until
November 19, at which time we will begin charging the usual CPC
prices. And as always, you may opt-out of this feature at any

We hope you find this new feature helpful and profitable, and we
urge you to learn more about it at our AdWords Help Center:

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords.


The Google AdWords Team

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Google Mobile AdWords Goes Widespread : Free Clicks for One Month

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