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Google Maps Updated for Android: Wi-Fi Only Mode, Mass Transit Delay Notifications

Google Maps Updated for Android: Wi-Fi Only Mode, Mass Transit Delay Notifications

Android Police reports that an update to Google Maps is rolling out to select Android users. New features involve a wi-fi only mode, and notifications about mass transit delays.

Wi-Fi Only Mode

Restricting Google Maps to be used on wi-fi only helps users cut down on data usage. This feature can be found in the Settings menu as the second line item — it will read “Wi-Fi only” with a toggle switch to turn it on and off. With this mode turned on you will not be able to use Maps on cellular data, but of course you can turn the mode on and off at any time.

Mass Transit Delays

From what has been spotted so far, it appears that Google Maps is adding customizable notifications for mass transit delays. This feature should be especially useful to people who commute by bus, train, or subway each day. A screenshot of this new feature shows that you can set disruption alerts only for the transit lines you care about, which should cut down on the amount of notifications you receive.

The update is speculated to be a staged roll out, so if you don’t have access to the new features right now, you may get them within time.

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