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Google Maps to Highlight a Restaurant’s Popular Dishes

A new feature in Google Maps utilizes machine learning to recommend a restaurant’s most popular dishes.

“Whether you’re craving a tea cocktail in Brooklyn or sampling Pacific Rim cuisine in London, Google Maps now highlights a restaurant’s most popular items on the menu, so you can place your order with confidence.”

The feature’s machine learning capabilities are powered by an algorithm that matches dish names with relevant photos and reviews.

Popular dishes are highlighted within the overview tab of restaurant listings. Simply search for a restaurant in Maps to find its top offerings.

Users can find additional information within the restaurant’s menu tab, which will display photos and reviews for all dishes (as long as they’ve been provided by other Maps users).

Google emphasizes how, ultimately, this features was made possible thanks to a dedicated community of people contributing information to Google Maps.

“At the end of the day, this feature is made possible because of contributions from people around the world who want to help others using Google Maps. So if you want to pay it forward to the next diner, simply take a photo of your meal (before you’ve scarfed it down!) and add a dish name so others can know what’s good on the menu.”

Popular dishes are now live on Google Maps for Android and will be rolled out to iOS in the coming months.

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Google Maps to Highlight a Restaurant’s Popular Dishes

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