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Google Maps Stickers in Business Windows

Google Maps Stickers in Business Windows

Over at Search Engine Land, Greg Sterling posted about a Google Maps sticker which was spotted at a London restaurant:

Google Maps Stickers in Business Windows

The technique is usually used by review and ratings companies like Zagat so establishments can show off their ratings.

Given the lack of customer reviews and ratings within Google Maps (sure, one can find many third party reviews via Google), I’m amazed to see that a company like Yahoo has not gone down this same route as a brick & mortar marketing tool.

Greg says that there have been no sightings of these stickers in the US market, but the marketing campaign would make sense here.

When businesses register with Google, businesses show proof of physical address by confirming online via an identification number which is printed on a postcard.

Google Maps should make that sticker into a postcard so when the business receives the card in the mail, they can confirm online then place the sticker on their window that same day.

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