Google Maps On Android To Predict Where You Want to Go Next

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Google Maps On Android To Predict Where You Want to Go Next

Google is rolling out a new feature for Android users that will have Google Maps attempting to predict where you want to go next. Maps will also inform users, based on traffic conditions, whether its a good idea to travel to a destination at a given time.

Tapping on the search bar will not only have Maps predicting where you want to go — it will also give you ETAs and nearby gas prices around your potential destinations.

Google will be able to do this using a combination of information provided by the user, and information it has gathered based on your location history.

For example, if you’ve indicated to Google Maps where home and work is located, it will prompt you with ETAs at times when you most often travel to these destinations.

If you have allowed Google Maps to log your location history, then it will present suggestions based on location data, time of day, and day of week.

Google will also take into account locations you’ve looked up in Google Maps and Google Search, and make appropriate suggestions while you have the brand new ‘driving mode’ open. Driving mode can be accessed at any time through the Google Maps sidebar.

Brian Ferris, Google Maps Software Engineer, stresses that one of the primary benefits gained from this update is the ability to save time on your commute and avoid traffic.

This feature is not available to all Android users at the moment, but Google say it will be by the end of the week. The feature will only be available in English, and only in the following countries: U.S., United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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  • Mariya Vortexa

    Nice Post Very Helpful for the android user..

  • Thomas Flannagan

    That sound great. Google always have awesome ideas.

  • Kelsey Jones

    I can’t decide if this is creepy or not. I go to my closest McDonald’s for diet dr peppers so much Google Now once asked me if this was my workplace and asked to save it as such…lmao

  • Adrian Head

    Odds on more people following the map down one way streets or ending up in some river that was not supposed to be there!

  • Kate Evans

    Google constantly surprises us with new discoveries. and
    it is really great! It was really interesting for me to know about
    Google maps and I think I will not be disappointed by it! I will share
    my impressions about using it soon.

    • Joe Buttler

      yes day by day Google giving us surprisingly update…it is going to be user friendly.. as user’s needs..