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Google Maps Now Lets Users Explore Planets and Moons

Google Maps is branching out into the solar system with an update that lets users explore planets and moons.

Desktop users can visit the distant locations here, or by loading up Google Maps and zooming out from Earth until reaching space.

Images of the planets and moons were taken by spacecraft Cassini, which was launched into space 20 years ago.

During its time in space, Cassini sent nearly half a million images back to Earth, which scientists reconstructed into the images now available in Google Maps.

”Explore the icy plains of Enceladus, where Cassini discovered water beneath the moon’s crust… Peer beneath the thick clouds of Titan to see methane lakes. Inspect the massive crater of Mimas—while it might seem like a sci-fi look-a-like, it is a moon, not a space station.”

A total of 12 new worlds are available to visit in Google Maps, with detailed planetary maps of moons like Pluto, Venus, Europa, Ganymede, and Rhea.

It appears that this update is only available on desktop at the moment, with no mention of if or when it may be brought to mobile.

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Google Maps Now Lets Users Explore Planets and Moons

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