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Google Maps Powers New Monopoly Board Game

Google Maps Powers New Monopoly Board Game

The entire globe will be turned into one giant game board in an online game of Monopoly thanks to Google Maps and Hasbro, as the two have joined forces to promote the launch of a modern 3D version of the board game, Monopoly City Streets, which will go global with the online Google Earth version.

Monopoly City Streets

In what looks like a mix of SimCity, Monopoly and Google Earth, the goal of the game is to beat all your friends and the world to become the richest property baron in existence. Players can buy streets from anywhere in the world, build skyscrapers, hotels, houses and even football stadiums; sell and charge rent on properties overlaid across the real world. UK’s Guardian reports that players starting this new game will get $3 million to play around with and there is no news if there will be a Free Parking, or “Go To Jail”.

Being a long time Monopoly AND Google fan, I’m psyched for this launch! On a side note, Monopoly and Google SketchUp fans have the chance to enter their own designs on September 8. Prepare for this game launch on September 9.

[Thanks to Mashable for the Mockup]

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Google Maps Powers New Monopoly Board Game

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