Google Maps Comes to Pinterest Via Integration With Place Pins

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Starting today on the Pinterest app for iOS, place Pins will be able to provide directions to pinned locations via Google Maps.

Location info, available through either Google Maps or Apple Maps, will be automatically added to the 7 billion existing place Pins, the company stated in an announcement today. Of course, all place Pins going forward will contain this new functionality.

In addition to addresses, store hours and phone numbers will also be added to the Place pins, as well as a little location preview similar to what you’d see in one of Google’s knowledge panels.

Tapping on the place preview will reveal further details, such as information and tips from other Pinterest users who have visited that location.

Using the new place Pins you’ll also be able to find nearby locations that you can discover simply by tapping from Pin to Pin.

To see an example of place Pins in action, see this curated list of the top 20 places people regularly save to Pinterest.

The all new place Pins are available on iPhone and iPad starting today, and Android and desktop soon to follow.

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  • I think this option is an advantage. We will see hot it goes in work, thanks for this post!