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Google Maps Beats Rivals in Announcing SF Bay Bridge Closure

Google has once again proven that its products and services are not only the most used worldwide but they are also useful at the most opportune time. Take the case of Google Maps which beats both Yahoo and Bing’s mapping services when Google Maps immediately announced that the SF Bay Bridge will be temporary close during the holiday weekend.


Google Maps has quicky put up an announcement telling its users that the SF Bay Bridge will be close from Sept 4 to Sept 8 and advises users to find other routes to take.

Yahoo on the other hand may have acted on the situation by suggesting alternatively route but did not announced the closure of the bridge. While this may seem ok, some users may have not followed it because Yahoo did not give a reason for giving the alternative route. Hence, users may still end up trying the route towards the SF Bay Bridge only to find out that they can’t use it.

As for Microsoft, the Bing folks may be too busy doing something else that’s why they failed to notice that the Bridge will be closed.

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Google Maps Beats Rivals in Announcing SF Bay Bridge Closure

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