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Google Makes YouTube Masthead Ads Available to All Advertisers

Google is now letting all advertisers buy YouTube masthead ads, following a successful beta test in select markets. Ads will be available to buy on a CPM basis.

Until earlier this year, the only way to buy YouTube masthead ads was to do a full day takeover. That means everyone who visits YouTube on a particular day would see the ad.

That option is still available, but the cost of running a masthead ad for an entire day puts that option out of reach for many advertisers.

Not to mention there are no targeting options when buying the ad on a per-day basis. It’s shown to everyone, so advertisers are paying for people to see the ad who may not even be interested.

Now, all advertisers have the option to purchase the YouTube Masthead on a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) basis and use advanced audience solutions to customize who sees it.

“With premium placement atop the YouTube Home feed, guaranteed reach and the flexibility of CPM buying, the opportunity to drive impact with the Masthead has never been greater.”

Google notes that the masthead will remain as a reserved placement, even when buying on a CPM basis. Impressions will be guaranteed across campaign flights that can range from one to seven days.

You can preview what a masthead ad would look like with one of your videos by using this tool from Google.

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Google Makes YouTube Masthead Ads Available to All Advertisers

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