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Google Makes Social Search Available in Beta

Sometime last year, Google rolled out its social search experiement with the aim of making search, well, more social. No, specifically to make relevant web content available of Google search results. By relevant Google means contents from your friends and contacts. So, today after getting good feedback from those who tried out the feature, Google has just released it in beta available to everyone.

But in addition to providing contents published by your friends or online contacts as additional search results Google has also added the social search feature to Google Images. So when you do your search on Google Images you will also see photos published online from your social circles on either Picasa Web Albums, Flickr or other photo-sharing sites. Social search results will be displayed under the heading “Results from your social circle.”

Now, when Google displays these social search results you can see two links labeled “my social circle” and “my social content.”  The second option lists public pages that might appear in other people’s social results. It’s Google’s way of helping you build your social circle as well as connect you to the contents published by people in your social circle.

The social search features works best if you’re signed in to your Google account and have a live Google Profile.

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Google Makes Social Search Available in Beta

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