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Google Makes Old Newspapers Searchable, And Readable Too

Remember those old microfiche reader that we use to read “digitized” old newspapers in the library? Not so long ago, those were pretty cool machines and are the only way to preserve newspapers for historical and archival purposes. And those machines were serving they purpose. Fast forward to now. Google is bringing that seemingly like experience online with its Google News Archive Search

Google is launching Google News Archive Search, another ambitious project to make digitized copies of newspapers online. Said project is in partnership with newspaper publishers.

If you remember the Google Book Search Project, this is practically the same thing, only this time it’s for newspapers. Perhaps this time, Google would gather more interest and less objection when it displays online ads side by side the digitized newspapers. If you would recall, the Google Book Search Project received quiet an amount of objection from library organizations individual librarians and book purists.

Anyway, you may want to try Google News Archive here. Or by using the timeline feature in Google Search when your search results are displayed.

Let’s see if this reaps more success than the Google Book Project.

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Google Makes Old Newspapers Searchable, And Readable Too

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