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Google Makes FeedBurner TotalStats & MyBrand Services Free

Wrapping up some of the news that went on over the Independence Day holidays, Google’s Feedburner announced on the 3rd that its two previously paid for services, TotalStats and MyBrand, are now free.

According to FeedBurner, they have over 450,000 users of their free FeedBurner service, and all users will not automatically switch over to be able to view TotalStats & MyBrand. Instead, the users have to activate these services themselves.

TotalStats breaks down statistics of each RSS distributed article or blog post so blog owners can do some hardcore digging into which posts attract the most interest amongst their subscribers.

MyBrand is a bit more different. Here’s a rundown of MyBrand from FeedBurner:

The MyBrand service (also PRO-level) is located under the “My Account” tab after you’ve signed in. MyBrand lets you maintain consistency between your feed address and your hosted website’s domain, if matchy-matchy is your thing. For example, rather than using, your MyBrand-ed feed address can be

Search Engine Journal uses FeedBurner and I’m more than happy to now be able to access more information on our 15K+ RSS subscribers and figure out what makes you all tick and which posts and post titles you are most interested in. Given this Google Feedburner announcement, one has to wonder how long it will take for Yahoo’s MyBlogLog to finally go ‘free’, and why they did not months ago.

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Google Makes FeedBurner TotalStats & MyBrand Services Free

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