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Google Makes Changes to GMB Listings With Distance-Based Service Areas

Google Makes Changes to GMB Listings With Distance-Based Service Areas

Google is going to automatically apply changes to Google My Business listings with distance-based service areas.

The last remaining distance-based service areas are going to be removed. Going forward, service-area businesses currently based on a distance will be automatically converted to the closest named areas.

Managers of Google My Business listings affected by this change will have the opportunity to review these updates after logging into their account.

If your listing is affected by this change you’ll see an “Updates from Google” notification at the top of the page next time you log in.

From there, you’ll have the option to either accept the changes made by Google or provide a new service area based on city, ZIP code, or other areas.

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This is not a sudden change, as Google has been in the process of phasing out distance-based service areas since last year.

Google is making this shift in order to accommodate businesses that provide service outside of a set distance from where they’re physically located. This change is also ideal for businesses that do not serve customers at their physical location.

Businesses have been encouraged to apply the changes on their own, and were given a reasonable amount of time to do so. Now, Google is forcing the changes on any listings that still have distance-based service areas.

This change should not affect how listings appear in search results. Though it would be wise to review Google’s changes in order to ensure your listing still shows up in the area where you serve customers.

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