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Google Lowers Nexus One’s Early Termination Fee to $150

Well, what do you know? After the FCC formally sent letters to various mobile operators including Google about the high early termination fees that they are charging consumers, Google seemed to be the first to heed FCC’s call.  So, if you got you’re Nexus One with the T-Mobile contract you can now cancel the deal earlier than the 24-months lock-in period.

But that’s not after paying Google a $150 termination fee, lower than the previous $350 ETF.  However, what is not clear though is whether you still need to pay the $200 that T-Mobile is charging.  Although the WSJ is reporting that Google is negotiating with T-Mobile to lower its fee which in its case is the recovery cost for the Nexus One unit.

Still, it’s a fair deal, although many of us will probably not be solved with this idea. It’s still is a better deal than getting that Nexus One unlocked for $525. If you get it through a T-Mobile plan, you get to pay only around $125 then cancel it one month after and pay Google’s ETF plus T-Mobile’s equipment recovery fee. Overall, you get a Nexus One unit for only $475.

To think that it cost me around $590 to get an unlocked Nexus One? Oh well, I’ve got no regrets anyway. I’m enjoying my Nexus One as much as I did when I got my iPhone.

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Google Lowers Nexus One’s Early Termination Fee to $150

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