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Google Local Services Ads Receive 13% of All SERP Clicks [STUDY]

A new local search study finds Google’s Local Services ads (LSAs) account for 13.8% of all SERP clicks.

In addition, the very presence of LSAs affects the number of clicks for all other SERP types.

BrightLocal monitored 5,500 local searches to compile this data, studying where people click on local SERPs as well as their reasons for doing so.

Here is a summary of key findings from the study.

Results of BrightLocal’s Google Local Services Ads Click Study

LSAs affect all clicks

When LSAs are present, clicks on all search types are affected compared to when LSAs are not present.

Around 25% of all clicks are on paid results when LSAs are present.

When LSAs are not present, only 14% of clicks are on paid results.

That’s a difference of over 10% of clicks on paid results, based on whether LSAs are present or not.

LSAs affect clicks on organic results

Organic results typically receive the most clicks of all SERP types, but they see a drop off when LSAs are present.

When LSAs are not present, Organic results usually receive around 50% of all clicks.

When there are LSAs in search results, the number of clicks on organic results drops to around 44%.

Review ratings drive clicks on LSAs

Review ratings are by far the biggest motivator for clicking on a local services ad.

The quality of the review ratings also make a difference, the study shows.

An LSA in a lower position will likely receive more clicks than an LSA in the top position if it has a more favorable star rating.

Review ratings for local services ads are pulled from Google My Business.

That means it’s paramount for businesses ruining LSAs to ensure they are building positive Google reviews.

For more local search data, see the full BrightLocal study here.

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Google Local Services Ads Receive 13% of All SERP Clicks [STUDY]

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