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Google Local for Mobile Phones

Google Local for Mobile Phones

Google has put their Google Local for Mobile into beta testing for users who would like to have the features of Google Local available on their mobile phone. Google Local for Mobile combines directions, maps, and satellite images in a free download for finding local businesses, clubs, bars and ramen shops (or just about anything you need to look for on the move).

Google Local for Mobile is currently available for Cingual, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but does not yet support Verizon, Nextel, Alltel Phones or Blackberry and Palm devices. Here’s a rundown of features from Google Mobile :

Detailed directions: Whether you plan to walk or drive, your route is displayed on the map itself, together with step-by-step directions.

Integrated search results: Local business locations and contact information appear all in one place, integrated on your map.

Easily movable maps: Interactive, draggable maps let you zoom in or out, and move in all directions so you can orient yourself visually.

Satellite imagery: Get a bird’s eye view of your desired location.

Irashaimasei, SlashDot Japan no member tachi. Google Mobile no koto de do omoimasuka? Shita no Comment Box ni jibun no kangairu katte kudasai – Loren Baker, Mito-shi, Ibaraki-Ken

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Google Local for Mobile Phones

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