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Google Local Edit Business Listing Process

Google Local Edit Business Listing Process

John Battelle reports that Google Local Adds Self Serve Business Listings. So I thought I give it a shot. They make you login, which is understandable and then they take you through a clear and easy step by step process to update your listing. Personally, I hate how my local
listing looks, so I updated it. I included all the information, correct captilization for the company name (RustyBrick, Inc.), suite number, phone numbers (local, toll free and fax), email address, web address, a short business description, payment types, and office hours.

After your done, you preview the changes and click submit. Then it gets interesting, you need to authenticate who you are. It is nothing like Verisign’s Sweet Automated Verification Process, instead they say they will:

Within two weeks, we’ll send a letter (containing your unique personal identification number and activation instructions) to each of the addresses below. Please follow the instructions in the letters to validate your information and prevent unauthorized edits to your listing.

For a screen shot of the page with the information on the confirmation process, click here.

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Google Local Edit Business Listing Process

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