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Google Lets Users Customize Own Maps

Google is introducing its MyMaps which will let users create their own maps using Google Maps. Interestingly called myMaps, this free tool will allow Google Maps users create maps of their neighborhoods and other places that they are aware of. To attract even the most non-techie users, creating maps in myMaps is as simple as pointing and clicking the computer mouse.

That’s why we’re announcing My Maps, a new feature that makes it quick and easy to create your own custom Google Maps just by pointing and clicking. You can add placemarks, draw lines and shapes, and embed text, photos and videos — all using a simple drag and drop interface.

Seems like a good move for Google to catch up with other maps mashups front liners such as AOL’s Mapquest and Yahoo’s own mapping tool. But one pitfall that I could see is how Google will ensure that online pranksters would not take advantage of this tool to create their own maps which may not be truth at all? And once these kinds of maps is made public, the integrity of Google’s Maps Mashups might be jeopardized.

Hopefully, the big G would do something to ensure that only legitimate maps of different places make it to the public web. How? Well, it’s up to Google to put on a validity measure to customized maps created by its users.

Om Malik of Gigaom has an interesting post about myMaps take note of his last comment on why this free tool is called myMaps. I couldn’t agree more to his questions.

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Google Lets Users Customize Own Maps

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