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Google Lets Users Continue Previous Searches With New Activity Cards

Google has created new activity cards designed to help people to pick up where they left off in search.

Activity cards will appear at the top of search results for logged-in users when looking for a topic they’ve previously searched for.

The cards will contain links to previously visited pages, along with a carousel of queries that led to those pages.

Users can save links in an activity card to a collection by long-pressing on them.

Collections can be accessed by tapping the menu on the top left of the Search page (on mobile web), or through the bottom bar of the Google app.

Google says these cards are intended to help people with tasks that require more than just a simple query.

“You might be looking for information to help you complete a longer-running task, whether it’s meal planning for a new food regimen, researching new stretching routines for post-gym recovery or picking up a new hobby. You might come back to Search to find information on the same topic, hoping to retrace your steps or discover new, related ideas.”

Activity cards may be triggered when searching for topics such as cooking, interior design, fashion, skincare and beauty, fitness, photography and more.

Of course, only logged-in users can see their own activity cards. The cards will never contain information about what another user has searched for.

Activity cards are rolling out today on both the mobile web and Google app in the US. They are currently only available in English.

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Google Lets Users Continue Previous Searches With New Activity Cards

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