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Google Lets Site Owners Test & Preview How-To Markup on Smart Displays

Google’s Rich Results Test now lets users test how their HowTo markup is rendered by Google Home and smart displays.

HowTo markup is a special type of structured data that site owners can use for articles that contain step-by-step instructions.

Properly marked up how-to pages are eligible to appear as a rich result in Google Search.

Adding HowTo markup also generates a how-to action for Google Home and smart displays automatically.

Previously, Google’s Rich Results Test only allowed site owners to test how their HowTo structured data would appear in search results. Now, site owners can also see how Google Home and smart displays pick up their HowTo markup.

This is useful, as HowTo structured data can be implemented in such a way that each step has its own image.

Here’s an example of a how-to rich result with images for each step:

HowTo structured data can also include video clips, or a combination of text, images, and video.

Given that there’s so many ways to display visual media within a how-to article, it’s important for site owners to see how it will be rendered not just in search results by also by a smart display.

Now site owners can do just that with the Rich Results Test in Search Console.

Source: Google on Twitter

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Google Lets Site Owners Test & Preview How-To Markup on Smart Displays

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