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Google Lets Advertisers Add a Third Headline to Text Ads

Google is letting advertisers add an additional headline and description to text ads.

In total, text ads can now have up to three headlines and two descriptions.

Google has also expanded the number of characters in a description to 90 characters. This means text ads can now contain as many characters as responsive search ads.

Google offers one suggestion for how to use the third headline:

“To get started, try adding a third headline and a second description to your existing text ads. For example, if you’re a retailer using two headlines that show your brand name and official site, you can add a third headline showing shipping details or special offers.”

This update to text ads will be available to advertisers in late August.

Within the same announcement, Google also revealed that responsive search ads are rolling out to more advertisers starting in September 2018.

Responsive search ads were first introduced last month, launching in beta to a limited number of advertisers.

According to Google’s announcement, responsive search ads will be available next month to advertisers in English, French, German, and Spanish, with other languages to follow soon.

Responsive search ads use machine learning to dynamically ads to users’ queries.

Advertisers can provide up to 15 headlines and 4 description lines. Google will test different combinations of the headlines and descriptions, and learn which performs best for various search queries.

In addition to the potential benefit of increasing clicks, responsive search ads will allow advertisers to reach new customers by matching more queries.

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Google Lets Advertisers Add a Third Headline to Text Ads

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