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Google Launches SOS Alert For Searches Related to Coronavirus

Google has activated an SOS alert in search results for searches related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Google’s SOS alerts, introduced in 2017, are activated during crisis events where the public safety might be at risk. They’re designed to help searchers by providing an ad-free page of search results with the latest news, links to authoritative resources, and any applicable safety tips.

Now, for searches related to the coronavirus, this is what the search results page will look like:

Google explains in a help document how it sources content for SOS alerts:

“We have teams around the world who source content from government agencies, first responders, trusted media outlets, and NGOs. We also aggregate information from other Google products and services, such as Google News, Google Maps, Waze, and more.”

Google is showing the same alerts globally for the coronavirus outbreak, but they may be localized over time if needed.

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Google Launches SOS Alert For Searches Related to Coronavirus

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