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Google launches open source code browser

The Google Open Source blog is announcing about the new source code browser for Google code’s project hosting feature. The browser features easier navigation through an open source project’s subversion (SNV) repository. It also enables fast direct browsing tree, syntax highlighting, change history, and easy to read diffs.googlecodechangelog.jpgProgrammers and open source developers would find this an interesting and useful tool. They can now easily go straight to source code of a file they want to work on while at the same time view its recent history on the same page. Programmers and code developers could also flip through revision of a file with a single click.

You can view the code browser in action by clicking on the “source” tab of any open source project hosted by Google. A good example can be found by visiting the Google Gears source code.



Note: Please leave a comment on how you find the code browser useful. I would be interested to know, really.

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Google launches open source code browser

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