Google Launches Latest Results Real-Time Search

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Today Google unveiled their new Real-time Search under the Latest Results box which is now another factor in Google “Universal” which entails web results, news results, images and sometimes blogs within Google Search results.

Google’s Latest Results help bring the social conversation from Twitter, Yahoo Answers, blogs and other social media outlets into one manageable box in the Google results page, which does not only bring present conversation and new blog posts into the mix, but also cuts down on the monopolization of the homepage and Google News Onebox by some of the sites which seem to always be on top of Google.

The search company previewed their new Latest Results today, and put out this explanatory video (complete with an interesting theme song) :

To see Google Latest Results in action, I suggest searching for Tiger Woods on Google or just going directly to the Tiger Woods Latest Results Page. What are your first impressions on Google’s new Real-Time search?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Makes more sense as a user, but they just killed the work of thousands SEO consultants…let’s see what kind of new products and services agencies will offer next.

  • I checked the latest update on real time results. Its really cool feature and its appreciated to move further in the search industry.

  • Gotta love real-time searches. Goes to show how good Google is getting.

  • This actually sucks. What a great way to improve relevancy by adding tweets… not. I wrote a blog post to vent my frustration!

  • It’s an absolute joke. All the genuine real search results are being pushed down by either paid for results (which could be any kind of quality) and social media. The social media comments I have seen by way of this new ‘Latest results for…’ system have been completely random in terms of relevance, suitability for the general public and the quality of content.

    Search for ‘greenasap’ on Google, thats a site I do work for. Then look at the comments made on a Twitter profile I have for them, and see the potential for complete rubbish appearing.

    It’s a step backwards for the main search results, and should be left to a seperate search page for just blog results, like news, images etc are.

  • For the saavy who understand the Twitter-stream, this is OK. But for many, these might be seen as actual “results” with authority. Yikes.

    Surely, there must be an algorithm coming to filter the spammers. It’s insanely easy to get a link right up there next to the top results.

  • It seems that have already taken it away I liked it but I would have made some tweaks I’ll look forward to seeing a new version of it.

  • I hate this feature so much I can’t see straight. Nothing of any value has ever come out of social networking sites, and I will switch search engines if I can’t turn it off.