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Google Launches a Dedicated Street View App

Google Launches a Dedicated Street View App

Street View is the latest Google service to get the dedicated app treatment, launching today on both iOS and Google Play.

With Google’s new app you can view 360-degree panoramas, which allow you to get a better look at an outdoor space, or tour the interior of a hotel or restaurant.

If you find a location that doesn’t yet have its own panorama view, you can upload your own photos or panoramas right to Google Maps from the Street View app.

An Explore tab allows you to browse galleries of Street View collections and content contributed by others. You can search for and explore any location of your choice and see it from just about every point of view imaginable.

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If you happen to own a spherical camera, the new Street View app is compatible with models like the Ricoh Theta S and NCTech iris360. You can use either of these cameras to shoot and upload your own panoramas to the app.

Of course, you can also use the camera on your phone if you prefer, which is likely how the majority will end up uploading photos

The Street View app is now available to download on both iPhone and Android devices.

Editorial Credit: Shutterstock


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