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Google Launches 2018 Winter Olympics Features Across Search Results

Google has officially launched its 2018 Winter Olympics-themed features across the web, which includes includes Search, YouTube, Assistant, and more.

Winter Olympics in Google Search

Searching for anything related to the Winter Olympics now return many unique additions to the top of the page, all of which are designed to keep searchers more engaged with the event.

Google can return general information about the Olympics, such as number of medals won by country. It can also return more specific data, such as how a particular athlete is doing in his or her sport.

During each day of the Olympics there will be a daily recap report in Google, as well as verified news updates by worldwide broadcasters.

Winter Olympics in Other Google Properties

As of February 8, YouTube will begin to feature video highlights from official Olympic broadcasters. For the first time ever, people can watch the Olympics live and free on YouTube’s Olympic channel.

Google Earth and Street View is letting users explore South Korea in all new ways. A new “sports” category in Google Earth Voyager contains 5 stories that will take users to various key destinations of this year’s Olympics.

Lastly, Google Assistant is now prepared to answer questions about the Winter Olympics, such as “Hey Google, who won women’s 1000 meter speed skating in the Olympics?” or “Hey Google, how many medals does Iceland have in the Olympics?”

For those who really want to brush up on their trivia, Google Assistant can even deliver random, fun facts about this year’s Olympics on command.

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Google Launches 2018 Winter Olympics Features Across Search Results

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