Google To Launch New Content Recommendation System For Publishers

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Google To Launch New Content Recommendation System For Publishers

Google has plans to launch a new content recommendation system for publishers’ websites as early as next month. Google has already begun pitching this new content recommendation system to publishers, including SEJ, and inviting them to participate in a beta version.

A snippet of an email sent from a Google sales representative reads:

Our engineers are working on a content recommendation beta that will present users relevant internal articles on your site after they read a page. This is a great way to drive loyal users and more pageviews.

The launch of this new system will put it in direct competition with similar tools like Outbrain, Taboola, and Zementa. These tools all recommend articles from publishers on that particular outlet’s website.

Google is targeting more traditional business partners with this service, unlike other products they have release recently like ChromeBox for meetings and the Google Compute Engine.

With this service they are going back to their roots of targeting publishers, just as they have with tried and true services like AdSense.

According to a Google employee who has some experience with this new service, the backend algorithm is different than the one launched by Google for mobiles sites last year.

When Google launches the beta version of this service, SEJ will be one of the first publishers to jump on board with it.

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  • Grant Barnard

    Very interesting. Wow, Im just learning of these services you mention. utbrain, Taboola, and Zementa.

    So its a “related posts” section, right? Now will google be able to suggest related posts based on the page/post they are viewing AND by their search that got them to the page?

    • David Iwanow

      The only platform I’ve had any experience with and what I’m using on my blog is Contextly

      A question would be will they power these content modules via HTTPS connection so they are able to pass across the search terms that are driving visitors to that content, and then the suggestions will be more accurate than just what post you are viewing or have viewed?

  • David Iwanow

    I’m not sure how comfortable several large publishers will be to push even more data and insights about their business via Google products. But I’m sure it will be more tightly integrated with Google+ but compared to other existing players so I understand why platforms such as SEJ are wanting to jump aboard, but I wonder how long it will take for their platform to get to enterprise level?

    I’m sometimes a betting man so I’d expect they will also finally launch a AdWords extension tied into the platform that allows publishers to buy more traffic to their content and maybe also launch a complimentary Adsense extension that allows publishers to monetise their content further.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    I think its great that Google keeps upping their game. It forces Outbrain, Taboola, and Zementa keep up, providing us with better tools.

  • karan

    Google always try to provide their visitors better user experience and this is also a step in that directio.

  • Juan

    wow, this is a good news for me from Google. It will surely will increase our blog pageview. I like it

  • Bob Trotta

    I like your post this is such a help full for me keep going on thanks for posting.

  • marck

    nice info, i guess google wants now promote more its google adwords services instead to offer a good and accurate search engines.

  • Sunday

    If this new tool comes to be then I would say it would be a good one. However, for Google’s content recommendation system to beat the competition, it should readily give publishers better experience than what is obtainable from competitors now!

    Sunday- contributor

  • Tamil Matrimonial

    your Post is informative…Thanks

  • Janmejai

    I hope to see some good results,But surely it’s gonna take enough time.

  • Imtiaz Ali

    Nice system for content, I hope it will bring something new 🙂