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Google to Launch Head-to-Head Testing Tool for YouTube Videos

Google to Launch Head-to-Head Testing Tool for YouTube Videos

Google has introduced a new set of tools that will let content creators test and measure the impact of YouTube videos.

The new set of features, which Google is calling YouTube’s “creative suite,” utilizes the power of AdWords’ reporting capabilities to conduct experiments and uncover creative insights.

Video Experiements

Content creators can now run video experiments with a head-to-head testing tool in AdWords.

The tool works with brand lift measurement, and allows users to measure the impact of creative on key metrics like awareness, consideration, purchase intent and more.

Google says results from video experiments are delivered in as little as three days after they start running.

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“Video experiments, launching in beta later this month, convert non-working media spend typically used for focus groups in simulated ad environments into working media spend in real ad environments. On YouTube, people only watch what they want, making it an ideal testing ground for actionable results you can trust.”

Video Creative Analytics Reports

In addition to the new YouTube video experiment tool, Google will also be rolling out the ability to generate reports on the creative performance of YouTube videos.

Reports will help content creators understand how effective their videos are at capturing attention of different audience segments.

Google also plans to let users annotate key moments within a video, which will allow reports to show what percent of viewers saw those moments.

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The Right Videos for the Right Audience

Lastly, a feature called YouTube Director Mix is currently in alpha testing. This will let users create many versions of the same video, each with customizable elements that can be shown to different audience segments.


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