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Google Labs Launches Similar Images and Google News Timeline

Google Labs Launches Similar Images and Google News Timeline

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about exciting innovations from Google Labs, but  today  two new products are being launched – Similar Images and Google News Timeline. Both products are powerful search-related enhancements that offer new ways of finding information using Google. Similar Images is nifty little feature that eliminates the need to type in another search keywords to find similar images to the currently displayed image search result. Each of the images would have a link that points users to another page displaying similar images.

While Similar Images is a pretty simple image search enhancements, Google News Timeline on the other hand is a pretty powerful search tool for Google News. This feature displays search results in a graphical timeline. It’s a pretty cool interface that allows viewing search results by the day they appear on Google News, arranged in a nice timeline  format.

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Google News Timeline is also customizable, that is, view settings can be changed and users can specify specific timelines to display – by day, week, month, year, and decade.



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