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Google Jagger 3 Update

Google Jagger 3 Update

Matt Cutts announced the Google Jagger 3 update is live at It sure is amazing the number of large vertical sites, .edu, and .gov results I saw in a few searches I did. Although there will probably still be a good amount of flux most the stuff I worked on seemed to get through ok.

I did see a bit of canonical URL issues, as noted by others on Matt’s blog. Someone named Jason also left this gem in Matt’s comments:

Our site has been negatively affected by Jagger. Therefore we just requested the transfer of 30,000 site wide links (paid in advance until July 06) to our main competitor who is currently ranked extremely well in Google for our main keyword.

Our entire website is legit SEO so our site wide links are the only thing that could have caused such a drastic drop in our ranking.

In a thread on SEW DaveN responded to a similar webmaster

IN life there are 2 ways to get on :

1) Be the best you can and move to the top

2) Drag everyone who is above you too below your level ..

Both ways you end up at the Top, it depends on how you view life and how long you want to stay there.

As long as Google is going to announce their updates and data centers, has anyone made a free SEO tool to easily compare / cross reference all the search results at various data centers? (Perhaps something like Myriad Search, but focuses on just one engine and lets the users select which data centers to compare.) I can’t imagine it would be that hard to do unless Google blocked it, but they haven’t been too aggressive in blocking web based SEO related tools (just look at all the tools SEO Chat has).

Aaron Wall, Search Marketing / SEO Coverage and Rants – Aaron Wall is one of the most vocal search engine marketers in the business and he has channeled his thoughts and expertise into his widely popular eBook, SEObook.

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Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall, Search Marketing / SEO Coverage and Rants – Aaron Wall is one of the most vocal search engine ...

Google Jagger 3 Update

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