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Google is Launching a New Q&A Video Series With John Mueller

Google announced that it will soon be launching a new series of Q&A videos hosted by John Mueller.

Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, already hosts a popular series of videos in which he fields questions from site owners.

So what’s the difference about the Webmaster Central hangouts and this new ‘Ask Google Webmasters’ series?

According to the teaser shared on Twitter, it looks like the new series will be much more produced than Mueller’s current videos.

While Mueller’s webmaster hangout videos are live recordings of actual web hangouts, these videos will be produced in a similar fashion to Matt Cutts’ old Q&A videos.

As stated in the teaser, some potential topics for upcoming videos could include structured data, rich results, canonicalization, and maybe even hot dogs.

It wasn’t specifically stated, but I’m assuming questions can be submitted by using the #AskGoogleWebmasters hashtag on Twitter. Videos will be uploaded to the existing Google Webmasters YouTube channel.

Creating these videos is a good idea for a couple of reasons. Number one is they’ll be easier to digest than the hour-long Webmaster Central hangout videos.

Being more digestible also makes the videos more shareable, which is ideal when you feel like sharing Google’s advice with a friend or client.

This also helps Google in the sense that its team gets the same questions over and over again.

Now that the answers will be documented in video form, perhaps it will be easier for people to find the information they’re looking for.

Expect to see the new series available soon on Google’s YouTube channel.

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Google is Launching a New Q&A Video Series With John Mueller

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