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Google is Fixing a Technical Issue Causing Pages to be Deindexed

Google is working on fixing a widespread technical issue that has led to web pages getting removed from Google’s index.

Webmasters and SEOs have been affected by this issue since this past Thursday. Google didn’t officially acknowledge there was an issue until Saturday.

On Saturday, Google’s John Mueller incorrectly reported that the problem was fixed:

A day later, on Sunday, Danny Sullivan published a follow-up tweet via the Search Liaison account.

It turns out that the indexing issues are mostly fixed, and are on the way to becoming fully resolved.

Also, as stated in the tweet, there’s nothing site owners need to do to get the issue resolved. The problem is all on Google’s end.

With that said, however, if there are a few high-value pages that you absolutely need indexed again ASAP you can always use the Inspect URL tool.

Using the Inspect URL tool, site owners can call on Google to recrawl and reprocess specific pages. The caveat is it can only process one URL at a time.

So the Inspect URL tool is not an ideal solution for getting a large number of pages back in Google’s search index, but it’s a decent option for a handful of pages.

Mueller adds that even when the issue is fully resolved, not every URL on every site will be reindexed.

Lastly, Mueller says things will eventually “settle back like before,” which is certainly good news for those who are worried about rankings being affected by this issue.

Google has thus far not provided any specific details regarding what caused the error in the first place.

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Google is Fixing a Technical Issue Causing Pages to be Deindexed

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